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Mahogany is a 29 year old QH mare.   She is gentle and loves to be pampered. She has taught many adults and children to ride with confidence. Betsy and Mahogany have developed a very special relationship/bonding.



Pal is a Palomino of course! He’s young and friendly. He’s very interested in what everyone is doing and is calm when you work around him. Pal is owned by Jason and he is a special part of the herd.



Raindrop is an older horse, but very trusting and gentle. She’s a Western horse, unlike most of the others at the barn, but her owner is used to it. He tells everyone she is a joy to ride and due to some gentle retraining, Raindrop has gotten over the fear of things hitting her. Raindrop is a sweet mare, and likes to get baths and attention.



Levi, is the smallest and most annoying of the ponies. Everyone loves him, which only makes his ego grow more. He’s known for being able to go through the electric fence and squeeze through any small space, along with bucking under saddle when he’s tired. All of this has earned him the nickname “Bratski”, but it doesn’t mean he’s hated; whenever there’s time Levi gets a gentle work-up in the round pen as well as trick training and he’s decided his calling in life is to give the smallest of riders a peaceful pony ride.

Royal Ego "Egor"

Show horse

Egor, or registered as “Royal Ego”, used to be a harness racer. He paces instead of trots, but when he’s fit, he’ll be strong enough to do anything you want. Riders love him and he’s a joy to watch.

Molly Malone

Lesson and Show Pony

Molly or Molly Malone, isn’t nicknamed “Sweet Molly” for nothing. Mares often have the reputation of being finicky and hard to tame, but for Molly she’s the most mellow young mare the farm has ever seen. She’s a Chincoteague Pony and swam during Pony Penning Day a few years ago but looks like a small Thoroughbred. Molly is an absolute angel and can do everything the other horses can do with flair.


Lesson Horse

Apache is a Medicine Hat Paint Horse with an attitude to boot. He’s one of the only two at the barn who has taught himself Airs Above Ground, and you’d never expect a stocky-built one like him to do them. Frequently lazy, Apache likes to go on relaxed trail rides as opposed to ring work, but he does like to jump. He’s a difficult ride but if you respect him as him, you’ll become his best friend. Just be careful! If he bites you it means he likes you.  

Ice Cream

Lesson Pony

Ice Cream is another Chincoteague Pony, and Bays’s biological half-brother. Both of them swam over from Assateague Island on different years, but their first meeting at the barn had the two of them wrapped around each other in a horse hug. Ice Cream is younger and more mischievous than Bays, and often shows it off in a Hunter class ring with bucks near the judge. Ice Cream is smart, and thinks of himself as a human more than a pony. He’s is always willing to play a game of tag with any pony, human, or dog, or give you a big hug on a bad day.


Trail Boss

Logan has a few good nicknames—“Little Logan”, “Trail Boss”, and “Cadillac”. He’s the biggest horse on the farm, and the leader of the herd. His big brother Jiggs is very jealous of him because he stole his “mom” from him before Jiggs was sold to his current owner. Logan is the perfect instructor’s horse; he turns to watch everyone, makes sure they are all together, and will test their balance by trying to rub on their legs. He is slow and steady, and very expressive, but unfortunately has to go day by day due to a ringbone condition.


King of the Ponies

Jiggs is the King of the Herd…the pony herd that is. Being a Percheron Pony, he looks big, but in reality he is a lap dog. Don’t let it fool you though, Jiggs has been a tackle dummy, high-jumper, Dressage pony, Hunter pony, run cross-country, barrels, been an Amish cart horse, parade pony, and more. Despite all his training, he still thinks he’s the boss and can get into trouble…but his owner wouldn’t have it any other way since he was the one who kept her going through the lonely transition from high school to college.

Chesapeake Bays

Lesson Pony

Bays, “Chesapeake Bays,” is the Chincoteague pony everyone starts on. He’s bombproof; meaning just about nothing spooks him. He is the dedicated show-pony, he’s done everything from cart pulling shows to dressage and jumping. In his old age he’s developed a “grinchy” attitude, but he’s still willing to solicit hugs. Although he’s very lazy, Bays can be quite competitive during pony camp games and when asking for treats. He is also Ice Cream’s biological half-brother.

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