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We offer lessons for all ages. At Morning Mist, you will learn from the ground up. This includes; Bringing a horse in from the pasture,  proper grooming , tacking up,  (putting on the bridle and saddle), Balance Seat, Dressage, Show Jumping and Trail Riding, all in a safe environment while working with horses.

Morning Mist Farm specializes in  "Balance Seat Equitation". This teaches you balance which comes in handy when you lose your stirrups. In fact, you might have to go without stirrups if Miss Nancy feels mischievous that day!


A balanced position means the rider is balanced on the horse and in balance with the horse’s movement. This position allows more effective application of the aids, gives better control of gaits, and is more comfortable for both horse and rider. By being in balance, the rider does not use muscle power to maintain his position, but relies on the same balance used in standing and walking. This allows the body to relax and be able to move with the horse’s motion. A balanced rider permits the horse to move more freely and naturally, not impeded by a lack of rider stability and able to maintain its own balance and respond to its rider’s aids.

We offer an intensive personalized programs for Young Riders. Teaching Safety and Fun on our school master Ponies. We encourage working together as "A Barn", do local shows in all divisions. Our Young Riders would rather muck a stall, clean tack, scrub buckets.....then clean their rooms. Parents love to drop off their children, knowing they are learning lifetime skills, friendship, trust and love of a horse that is many times larger then the child. These are lessons that will carry on for a lifetime.

We also offer summer camps and weekend events for all ages. Our wonderful ponies do travel if you want a party in your own backyard.



We adhere to the Virginia law, that any and all participants in horse-related activities do so by their own choice. 



Our instructor can train just about everything. Training is done gently and your horse will never be forced into something to the point of being scared. You'll have no fear about them being ruined. EVERY horse can be trained with patience and love, and we strive to listen to the needs each individual horse has. For more information see our "Philosophy" on our about page.


Parties and Events

Our ponies and property are available for all kinds of events. Please email to inquire about any of the following:

Pony Rides

Pony Parties

Pony Petting

Hay Rides

Birthday parties

Camps and Clinics


Open House events


Shows (on-site)

Shows (off-site)

Field Trips

Trail Rides

Special Holidays





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