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 "Want to get back in the Saddle?" 
We offer Lessons for Adult Beginner Riders, who have little or no experience with horses and desire to learn in a safe environment.  Many adults have had to put aside their equine interest due to jobs, family, children and scheduling.
Morning Mist  is a place to be able to relax, leave all worries at our entrance, learn about horses, while having fun and make long lasting friendships with horses and people. 
 Private or small group lessons are avilable. 
Morning Mist is very flexible on scheduling lessons and helping adults bring back their dreams of riding again, and maybe one day owning their own Equine Companion.
Our program for Young Riders includes Safety and Fun on our schoolmaster horses and ponies.
 Our Young Riders would rather muck a stall, clean tack, scrub buckets, care for a horse.....than clean their rooms. Parents love to drop off their children, knowing their child is in a safe enviorment.
Our Young Riders learn lifetime skills including, friendship, trust and love of horses.
These are lifetime lessons.
We travel to local shows and all help to prepare to go to shows. Sometimes as a Rider, other times as a Groom, often as both. All aspects are important and recognized. Everyone learns pride, integrity and respect. 

We also offer summer camps and weekend events for all ages.
Our wonderful ponies do travel if you want a party in your own backyard.

For 2015, we are planning weekend camps for child/parent riding camps. This offers quality time spent together, learning, enjoying the horses/ponies.....memories that will last a lifetime.

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